Treat Yourself to a Weekly
At-Home Facial


By: Joanna Kula Esthetician

The daily stress, combined with our busy schedules, lack of sleep and environmental factors can leave our complexion looking tired, dull and in need of some TLC.  Even with a daily regimen, our skin can suddenly rebel against us. Not to mention, it can get used to the same tired routine and it could be weeks before your next facial appointment…  The solution? Give yourself an at-home facial the next time you feel your skin needs a little boost in between professional treatments.
As part of my weekly maintenance schedule, I do this every Sunday morning.  It’s a quick and easy way to refresh my skin and get it ready for the week. Depending on how my skin looks and feels, I try to focus on what it needs.  Most of the time, it’s deep exfoliation and hydration.

If you would like to try an at-home treatment yourself, here’s an example of my typical Sunday morning routine:

Since my skin is clean and makeup free, from the night before, I start with a scrub such as Valmont Face Scrub.  I apply it on dry skin and work in small sections, using circular movements to cover all areas of the face.  Adding a little bit of water, I repeat the same process again and remove with a warm washcloth.
Next, my skin gets an instant a pick-me-up with Cellcosmet Activator Gel. I use this to get my skin ready for active ingredients, leaving it on for 3-5 minutes before rinsing off with warm water.
Once my skin is prepped, I exfoliate with a light peel such as Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha-Beta Peel Pad or P50 1970 followed by Environ Intensive Revival Mask, a 10 minute exfoliating treatment and radiance booster.
An important part of my weekly facial is a stimulating and lifting massage with Valmont Renewing Pack.  I apply a dime size of the product and massage upwards lifting the cheeks, eyes and smoothing the forehead.  If you’re not a pro, don’t worry! Just remember to massage upward, working in sections. Repeat as necessary until the product is absorbed and your skin is left with a dewy sheen.
For extra “wow factor” and some serious lift, use the solar-powered ReFa CARAT, a micro-current roller made for personal home use.  The results are worth it!
After massaging with Renewing Pack, I enjoy the luminous sheen it gives my skin and usually prefer to leave it on for maximum hydration.  You can also remove it with a warm washcloth and follow with a treatment mask and/or moisturizer that are suited to your skin type.
I finish by applying a tinted sunscreen such as, Jan Marini Physical Protectant, and enjoy the rest of my weekend.
Come Monday morning, I feel good knowing that my skin is hydrated, healthy and radiant!

Joanna Kula