The newest generation of skincare is being led by industry experts who are utilizing their knowledge and years of experience to create effective skincare. James Manso of WWD Magazine highlights the dermatologists, plastic surgeons and estheticians who are pioneering these products, including Rescue Spa and Danucera founder, Danuta Mieloch.

Known for her “aesthetic prowess and business savvy” Mieloch has turned Rescue Spa into a “skincare lover’s candy shop”. Her newest accomplishment includes the launch of her new brand, Danucera. This sustainable skincare line “bridges the gap between the clinical and the clean”. The culmination of years of experience and dedication to using natural ingredients has helped her to create truly transformative products that work for all ages and skin types. 

The line includes two hero products, the Cerabalm and D22 Tonic. Cerabalm is a clean beauty multi-purpose balm that reveals fresh, hydrated skin. Ideal for all skin types, and packed with nourishing minerals and botanicals, skin is left instantly and visibly improved, with a firmer, smoother and more radiant complexion. Cerabalm can be used as a cleanser, mask or moisturizer making it the perfect multi-tasking treatment.

Follow with the D22 Tonic to instantly perfect your complexion! This potent formula is packed with natural acids, minerals, enzymes and vitamins, making it a must-have prep-step that works on every skin type to exfoliate, tighten and unclog pores for smooth, glowing skin instantly! Mieloch states that “I’ve always looked for that universal product I can take with me, and it’s going to be current and a bit more revolutionary because there’s transparency.”

Danucera also includes a washcloth and gua sha tool. The Dual Washcloth is made from 100% organic cotton, this luxe washcloth was specially designed for effective double cleansing. The terry side offers gentle exfoliation to remove product residue, while the muslin side buffs the skin to provide a thorough cleanse. 

The Sculpting Stone is a flat, curved stone used to massage and sculpt the face, leaving you lifted, toned, and glowing. This seemingly simple practice helps release facial tension, move stagnant lymph, and promote blood circulation resulting in a less puffy, and more defined appearance allowing the face’s natural contours to be enhanced. When we get the lymphatic system moving, we are allowing toxins and excess fluid to be released. This, along with increased blood circulation, makes for a natural glow to be returned to the skin. 

“I thought of every single detail,” Danuta says. “Massaging in a product will definitely increase the efficacy.”