MindBodyGreen: The Most Common Skin Care Mistakes (And How To Remedy Them)

 Using too many or too few products.

“I see many clients who are not using the proper skin care products for the skin they have. People get caught up in buying what their favorite celeb uses, what their sisters use, instead of focusing on their own skin needs. With my clients, they’re either using too many or too few.”

How to remedy: “Sticking to the healthy ritual of cleansing properly, a gentle acid exfoliant (I recommend p50), face massage daily, and mask often, and yes, use serum and moisturizer as your skin requires. And for me, an eye cream is nonnegotiable.”

—Danuta Mieloch, founder of Philly and NYC cult favorite Rescue Spa.


SPOTLYTE: Models Swear By This French Skincare Product For Tight Skin – Here’s How It Works

Models Swear By This French Skincare Product For Tight Skin — Here’s How It Works

“To me, P50 is like a ‘facial in a bottle,’” enthuses Danuta Mieloch, an esthetician and the founder of Rescue Spa in NYC and Philadelphia. “Think of it as a probiotic balancing magic lotion that does it all on any type of skin. It allows all of the products that follow for better penetration and builds healthy skin.”


MINDBODYGREEN: Microcurrent: what is it?

Microcurrent: What is it?

At Rescue Spa, deemed by editors everywhere as the best facial in New York City and Philadelphia, microcurrent plays a key role in the most-requested bio-lift facial. “The use of electric currents stems from physical therapy treatments used to speed up the healing process,” Rescue Spa founder Danuta Mieloch told mindbodygreen. “It assists in better penetration of products, improves facial contour, softens wrinkles—it is literally a workout for your skin and the muscles of the face. It helps you get that natural noninvasive lift that clients keep coming back for.”


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Rescue Spa’s 19th Street location is a full-service day spa known for its relaxing ambiance. After combing through reviews, it became evident that many guests came to Rescue Spa because of problem skin. Whether you’re battling oily skin or simply just need a pick-me-up due to the city’s pollution, the lineup of Signature Facials start at just $150 USD. Prior to your service, the aestheticians will diagnose your skin which includes an analysis of your lifestyle. Optional add-ons include a Power Peel, IPL Spot Treatment and more.


Classic 60-minute Facial ($150 USD)
Bio-Lift™ 60-minute Facial ($200 USD)
Microderm 60-minute Facial ($200 USD)
Fix-It-All 90-minute Facial ($300 USD)


29 East 19th St.
New York, NY 10003


NEWBEAUTY: G-Beauty Boom


Liquid Surgery Serum, retails for $1,750, but it is the latest beauty induction that’s part of what can only be described as a “German beauty boom.” “I have been saying for the past few months that German beauty products are slowly taking over,” says Rescue Spa’s Kim Zimmerman. “We’ve been carrying MBR for a bit now and the products are phenomenal—they’re medical-grade, organic and offer truly incredible results.” Zimmerman—she’s probably best known as the world’s de facto P50 expert and a bit of a French skin-care connoisseur—also sings the praises of other German brands. “There’s Dr. Barbara Sturm and, of course, now there’s Augustinus Bader, who is a professor and a leader in epigenetic, anti-aging skin care. Then there is Susanne Kaufmann, who is technically in Austria, but I have to include her because it’s so close and so good! All of the brands are undeniably effective. I can’t think of any other category that’s so trendy in skin care right now.”

THE TECHNIQUE: So This Is How You Should Apply Oil

THE TECHNIQUE: So this is how you should apply oil

Don’t you just hate those “you’re doing it wrong” takes all over the internet? ITG regrets to inform you that this is another one. Face oil application. You’re doing it wrong, folks! After moisturizer, lovingly patted onto skin, used every day…wrong, wrong, wrong. Who knew? Danuta Mieloch, for one. The owner and wizard behind Rescue Spa was on hand to explain proper oil application. The nitty gritty. Listen up!

Apply it first

This first nugget is probably the most polarizing. Your oil journey starts sooner than you expect, the moment you finish cleansing your skin. “When my skin is still damp, that’s when I apply my oil,” Danuta says. “I follow it with some cream. I feel like it mixes really nicely with the drops of water still on my skin and seals in the moisture.”

Applying oil first is especially important when it comes to oils with active ingredients, like retinol. These oils need easier, unobstructed access to your skin and shouldn’t be layered on top of other products. As for other oils, you can apply those after moisturizer if you must, but as Danuta says, “that’s a lot messier.”

Massage, don’t pat

Unless you’re working with a super active (and super expensive) blend, massage oil into your skin in swift, upward movements. “You get that more relaxing benefit and this way improves the circulation,” Danuta explains. Save your precious oil pats for your rare, bougie elixirs.

But then pat excess

Now this is when you absolutely should pat. After application. Because oils are, shockingly, oily. Take a towel to lightly soak up any excess that’s sitting on your skin. Just because it’s an oil doesn’t mean you need to be greasy.

Use it as a moisturizer

Some basic cosmetic chemistry for you. A lotion or moisturizer is, more or less, a combination of fat—oils, butters, their synthetic substitutes—and water. You know what this means. Make your own moisturizer, folks. And use your skin as the mixing bowl. Apply when your skin is still damp to help the oil emulsify with the water. And that’s it! Easy enough, and ideal if you haven’t found the super light moisturizer that’s perfect for you.

Don’t over do it

You don’t need to oil up every day. In fact you shouldn’t. “The skin reacts better if you balance,” explains Danuta. “Use exfoliation, serums, modern skincare systems, in combination with your oils, but avoid using [oils] every day because they won’t balance out your skin. Create your own little apothecary and bring things in and out of rotation.”