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“Celebrities are always raving about their facialists, but what about those of us who can’t afford to go to the spa every other day? Ashley introduced me to Rescue Spa, which has been a godsend. It’s reasonably priced, and owner Danuta Mieloch knows her shit. (Oh, and Naomi Campbell was casually checking out the first time I walked in.)

Mieloch has a realistic approach that’s easy to manage on your own. Her team recommended that I invest in steamer to cleanse and hydrate my skin, so I bought one from Dr. Dennis Gross. I set the 15-minute timer and leave it running when I cleanse my skin on weekends. Since I started using it, I’ve seen a real improvement in my pore size and skin texture.

The steamer opens my pores up for the Biologique Recherche Masque Vivant, which I leave on for 20 minutes. Read any reviews on this mask and you’ll know it’s got a cult following — for good reason. Within a month of steaming, my face stopped breaking out as much. I’d even lost all the pimples hidden underneath my skin’s surface, which I’d been trying to shed for months. When I wash this stuff off and immediately follow it with Vintner’s Daughter Oil, I look like I got a facial for half the price.”

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While common skin ailments are troublesome no matter what stage of life you’re in, they can feel especially exacerbated when you have a wedding on the horizon. You’re of course your own worst critic and things are often not as bad as you perceive, but the idea of high-definition photography and hundreds and pairs of eyes examining you can leave even the most low-key bride nervous. Lucky for us, Danuta Mieloch, Esthetician and owner of Rescue Spa (soon opening an NYC location!), filled us in on what you can do to correct almost any problem plaguing your appearance. Keep in mind that according to Danuta, “It takes daily self-discipline to cleanse, exfoliate, treat, moisturize, and protect your skin to achieve the goal of perfection. The sooner you get started, the better!”

While avoiding direct sunlight should always be the goal, this isn’t always a practical (or fun!) solution. However, unsightly skin damage very well may result. “Lighter skin tends to develop freckles and sunspots, whereas darker skin becomes patchy and shadowed. Luckily, there are several options to correct this, but know that not all spots can be treated equally.”

Many treatments like hydroquinone and RetinA can be rather harsh and actually increase the problem. To be on the safe side, start with a balancing and regulating skincare regimen while slowly introducing more acting ingredients. “Retinol is not as harsh as RetinA, and should be used up to two nights a week. This will work especially well when alternated with Vitamin C and IPL treatments. Biologique Recherche’s Lotion P50 Pigm 400 is a product you can safely use daily. Rather than hydroquinone, it uses kojic acid and niacinamide to effectively reduce pigmentation while still respecting and protecting the skin.”

Unfortunately with this ailment, patience is the key. “Whenever pigmentation doesn’t respond quickly to treatment, it means the damage is deep and will take time to surface. Often times during treatment it can appear darker before it begins to lighten.”

Acne doesn’t just plague the face, and spots on the chest and back are certainly not what you want people looking at when you’re in your dress. “To cleanse hard to reach places, rely on the genius Aquis Back Scrubber. Lotion P50 1970 should be applied across any problem area to remove every trace of sweat and oil buildup, the major cause of acne. To further treat, try Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare All Over Blemish Solution.”

If you’re noticing this problem more than normal leading up to your wedding, you very well may have your amped up SoulCycle routine to blame. Make sure to shower as soon as possible after every workout.

Acne Scars
While some at-home exfoliating treatments will help to lessen scarring caused by acne, serious results are best achieved by the pros. “This is especially well treated by clinical laser treatments as well as regular professional microdermabrasion to soften and smooth your skin,” explains Mieloch.

Keratosis Pilaris
Unless your dress is long-sleeved, you want your arms to be in tip-top shape before your walk down the aisle. Those pesky red bumps that plague so many is a condition called keratosis pilaris, caused by a buildup of keratin. “My go-to treatment is P50 Corps as well as dermalac lotion to remove the dead skin cells,” says Mieloch. “Follow with a good body moisturizer since this condition is more likely to appear if you have dry skin.”

Written by Casey Sharbaugh for Over The Moon
Photographed by Paul Reynolds Photography

Prepping for a big event? Here is everything you need to know.


Hair? Check.  Shoes? Check.  Skin? Not so much?  Whether you have scored an interview for a job you’ve worked your whole career for or are a bridesmaid in yet another wedding we all want to look our best.  If you haven’t been keeping up with a consistent ritual, I recommend a facial 2-4 weeks before the event.  Never underestimate beautiful skin. It can be your best accessory.

To get started, I turn to some Rescue favorites. First begin with fresh, clean skin.  Lait U from Biologique Recherche is a gentle,  vegetal based cleanser perfect for removing makeup and preparing skin for exfoliation. Oily, congested and dull skin will benefit from a second cleanse using the 5% Glycolic cleanser from Anthony Brands. Massage in and leave on for 2 minutes for extra exfolliation. Follow with a healthy application of P50 1970. The tingle alone will get you excited for what comes next. Apply a nice layer of Prime Renewing Pack from Valmont, lie down and massage. I like to elevate my knees for a true Rescue experience. Take about 5 minutes to relax and plan your look.
If you have oily skin, Masque Vivant for 15 minutes will liven up most complexions.  More combination skins will benefit from Masque VIP o2. (Or you could mix them together for a truly brightening experience.) Complex Royal over the moisturizer of your choice will be sure to make you glow. If you are a nervous Nelly and suffer from hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating) Anthony Brands makes a product for you.  Apply No Sweat Body Defense to your forehead, back or under your bust to keep you dry and comfortable during the big event.  Now, the next part is easy. Take a deep breath and don’t forget to smile.

Samantha Lowe

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Destressing Bridal Skin

Don’t you just love it when someone is excellent at what they do? I personally am not a big fan of sports but when the Olympics are on I can’t miss a minute. It doesn’t matter if it’s a star athlete, a house painter or a hair stylist; if they are a master they have my attention. Our very talented nail technician Anna Maria is such a master, at color selection for darker skin tones. During the summer when most folks tend to have a bit more color her “eye” comes in handy for all ethnicities. She has been delighting me lately with her selection of whimsical colors from yellow to blue to orange for my toes. But then she’ll select the perfect coordinated shade for the hands that has the palest hint of the same color but yet is office appropriate.  Mad skillz!

One of my brides just had her wedding last weekend and her skin was absolutely gorgeous. But the situation was a cliffhanger until the last few days before her wedding. For the past six months this young lady stressed over her skin so much that she would continuously breakout and then become even more upset about the breakouts. After a heartfelt talk one month ago where we discussed various methods of eliminating stress she finally buckled down and did what she had to do which was to (1) stop listening to her well meaning (but stressful) Greek chorus, (2) use her products religiously, (3) drink tons of water, (4)do anything to get those endorphins going and (5) focus on staying very calm. I explained to her that even though perfect skin is the goal she only needed to eliminate the zits. A little hyperpigmentation could be covered by her makeup artist.
When she walked in for her final facial last week she looked like a new person. Not a zit in sight and only a little residual discoloration remained. She is currently honeymooning for 10 days on some outrageously romantic island and will return with the perfect skin she desired, I’m sure.
A note to my brides-your wedding day is supposed to be fun. Enlist that bridesmaid who is difficult to be difficult on your behalf and help to keep (other) stressful people and situations away from you. She’ll love the extra responsibility and you will make her feel special.
Can Rescue’s products get any better? I am obsessed with Cellcosmet and use it on my brides-to-be who come in for their pre wedding facial. I’ve been using it on my regular clients as well for a nice alternative to Biologigue Recherche. Cellcosmet from Switzerland was the only product line placed in the swag bags for the Oscars two years ago and I understand why. Triple patented, its toner gently removes cells to unveil a subtle luminosity. The Gel Activator is cooling, perfect for summer and leaves the skin glowing like it was peeled but with absolutely no irritation. And it smells lovely. The “Beautiful Mask” is chocked full of botanicals from the Amazon jungle and results in Hollywood ready skin. It’s wonderful for home use to ensure that you’ll be ready for your close up every day.

Love Ya Much,
Linda Harding

The Princess Bride

With the royal wedding less than two weeks away the glowing face of Kate Middleton can be found in almost every major fashion or beauty magazine. Interest about her likes and dislikes from clothing to food to skin regimens are plentiful. I personally found it interesting but not surprising that she loves her oxygen facials and oxygen based skin care products because of their hydrating skin brightening benefits. Kate’s regime might be news to some fashionistas but here at Rescue we’ve been in oxygen mode for years. As homage to the future princess I recommend the following service and products for my brides- to- be who want to inject a blast of O2 into their skin care in preparation for their big day.

Rescue Oxygen Facial
This facial is a real picker upper prior to your bridal shower or rehearsal dinner. It rejuvenates dull dehydrated skin with a perfect combination of micro-exfoliation, oxygenation, and a light Alpha Beta Peel followed by intense hydration with a cool blast of hyperbaric oxygen. Your skin will be luminous.

VIP O2 Cleansing Milk
Share this cleanser with your cousins who fly cross country to attend your wedding. This “antipollution” cleanser eliminates impurities, calms the epidermis, brightens and unifies the complexion. It is ideal for urban dwellers, frequent travelers and stressed devitalized skin.

Masque VIP O2
Put a layer of this masque around the eyes to help eliminate dark circles from late nights planning your seating arrangements. This oxygenating and moisturizing “antipollution” treatment restores radiance to stressed, asphyxiated skin. It is ideal to soothe sunburn too- leave it in your fridge and slather on.

Crème VIP O2
Apply this moisturizer before and after your girls’ night out. This is the perfect antipollution oxygenating cream for immediate healthy skin. It is recommended for tired, devitalized skin.

Fluid VIP O2
Share this goodie with Mom on your wedding day. The unique formula contained in this serum traps oxygen at the surface of the skin, creating an environment that stimulates the epidermis’ natural functions. This is a mainstay and runaway favorite at Rescue as it makes skin lustrous and taut.

Remember, everyone deserves the royal treatment.

Love ya,
Linda Harding