Don’t you just love it when someone is excellent at what they do? I personally am not a big fan of sports but when the Olympics are on I can’t miss a minute. It doesn’t matter if it’s a star athlete, a house painter or a hair stylist; if they are a master they have my attention. Our very talented nail technician Anna Maria is such a master, at color selection for darker skin tones. During the summer when most folks tend to have a bit more color her “eye” comes in handy for all ethnicities. She has been delighting me lately with her selection of whimsical colors from yellow to blue to orange for my toes. But then she’ll select the perfect coordinated shade for the hands that has the palest hint of the same color but yet is office appropriate.  Mad skillz!
One of my brides just had her wedding last weekend and her skin was absolutely gorgeous. But the situation was a cliffhanger until the last few days before her wedding. For the past six months this young lady stressed over her skin so much that she would continuously breakout and then become even more upset about the breakouts. After a heartfelt talk one month ago where we discussed various methods of eliminating stress she finally buckled down and did what she had to do which was to (1) stop listening to her well meaning (but stressful) Greek chorus, (2) use her products religiously, (3) drink tons of water, (4)do anything to get those endorphins going and (5) focus on staying very calm. I explained to her that even though perfect skin is the goal she only needed to eliminate the zits. A little hyperpigmentation could be covered by her makeup artist.
When she walked in for her final facial last week she looked like a new person. Not a zit in sight and only a little residual discoloration remained. She is currently honeymooning for 10 days on some outrageously romantic island and will return with the perfect skin she desired, I’m sure.
A note to my brides-your wedding day is supposed to be fun. Enlist that bridesmaid who is difficult to be difficult on your behalf and help to keep (other) stressful people and situations away from you. She’ll love the extra responsibility and you will make her feel special.
Can Rescue’s products get any better? I am obsessed with Cellcosmet and use it on my brides-to-be who come in for their pre wedding facial. I’ve been using it on my regular clients as well for a nice alternative to Biologigue Recherche. Cellcosmet from Switzerland was the only product line placed in the swag bags for the Oscars two years ago and I understand why. Triple patented, its toner gently removes cells to unveil a subtle luminosity. The Gel Activator is cooling, perfect for summer and leaves the skin glowing like it was peeled but with absolutely no irritation. And it smells lovely. The “Beautiful Mask” is chocked full of botanicals from the Amazon jungle and results in Hollywood ready skin. It’s wonderful for home use to ensure that you’ll be ready for your close up every day.
Love Ya Much,
Linda Harding