Rescue Spa Philadelphia Launches a Full-Fledged Salon


Four years after moving to its current digs, Rescue Spa has expanded its single-chair salon to a full-blown operation with a roster of new stylists. Note: This is one of the only salons in town offering the cult-favorite Okara oil color treatment, which protects and preserves color-treated locks.

1601 Walnut Street, third floor, Rittenhouse.

*As seen in Philadelphia Magazine, September 2017 issue

Shoppist: I’m sorry, you spend WHAT on moisturizer??

“It turns out, here at Philly Mag, we’re suckers for a good beauty product (or twelve). From ultra-luxe moisturizers to concealers that cost their weight in gold, we’ll shell out that hard-earned cash for a few choice beauty boosters. Inspired by the beautiful minds at Elle, here are the products that Philly Mag staffers hate to love.”


Biologique Recherche Creme Dermopurifiante ($90)
“I’m ok with splurging on a good moisturizer because it sinks into your skin all night long. This one is really hydrating without feeling super heavy. It smells awful, but it’s worth it.” — (Lauren McGrath)

beauty mama

Biologique Recherche P50 Toner ($95)
“It makes a big difference with my pores, and I notice my skin looks dull on my forehead and cheeks when I stop using it.” —Christy Speer Lejeune, Deputy Editor.

clarifying surge

Valmont Clarifying Surge ($325)
“I’m obsessed with it. It makes my skin feel like heaven. I just do a drugstore face wash, but with this moisturizer, my skin feels like I got a facial.” —Rachel Chernaskey, Editorial Assistant.


Local Bridal Guide: Gorgeous Bridal Nail Art for Your Wedding

Where: Rescue Spa 1601 Walnut Street, 3rd Floor, Rittenhouse

What: We can attest to the amazing work of Sally Stark (you may know her as Sally Man—she got married in October 2013 and we featured her wedding in our Fall/Winter 2014 issue!) Rescue’s licensed nail technician and nail art extraordinaire. Whether you want a delicate design in classic bridal colors or something snazzy that’ll really make your engagement ring pop, Stark’s steady hand has you covered.


The Best Hair Stylists in Philadelphia

Stylist for Thinning Hair

If it seems a bit melodramatic to describe Rescue Spa’s treatments for thinning hair as “life-altering,” well, just talk to a woman who’s trying to grow her hair back after chemo, or someone in the throes of alopecia areata. Hell, talk to a balding man. The spa’s hair gurus, Erica DiVario and Patty Gibbons, do more than just camouflage the issue with cut and color: They offer scalp treatments and at-home regimens using the French oil-and-plant-based René Furterer line to stimulate healthy hair growth — fast. It’s the real deal. Scalp treatments from $60. 1601 Walnut Street, 3rd Floor, Philadelphia 19102, 215-772-2766.



Philadelphia Magazine’s Best Of Philly 2013: Facial at Rescue Spa

Philadelphia Magazine, 40th Anniversary Edition: Best of Philly 2013

FACE-SAVER:  The Rescue Facial is a timeless beauty at its best.

Sometime in my mid-20s, three faint but distinct lines decided to plant themselves on my brow, stretching from temple to temple across my forehead like a fence without posts.  I sometimes stand under the harshest light in my bathroom, dabbing on a variety of products to see if – with the right combination – they might plump back out, like little troughs just waiting to be filled.  They never do.

Well, they never did, I should say.

Five years ago, on the advice of a friend, I went to Rescue Rittenhouse Spa’s Danuta Mieloch, a Polish-born aesthetician who worked in Paris and Manhattan before opening Rescue here nearly a decade ago.  Her facials are the only thing that has ever made the lines fade into near-nothingness.

I realize this sounds absurd, especially because we’re not talking about injectables or lasers or anything you’ve seen on Real Housewives.  The magic comes courtesy of a non-invasive, utterly relaxing 60 minutes filled with exfoliating, a little mircodermabrasion, and lots of moisturizing.  The result is Beyonce-level luminosity and smoothed-out skin.  One glows -no exaggeration- for weeks.

Chances are good that I’m not writing anything you haven’t read about or experienced yourself: Danuta (or Dana, as she’s known to clients) long ago became an instant Philly classic.  Friends told friends, and suddenly you had to wait 6 months to get an appointment.  But Rescue –the closest thing I’ve ever found to redemption for all those sunburns of my youth – is always worth it.

Rittenhouse, 215-772-2766; ask about their new location. – C.S.L


Love the skin you’re in

Being an esthetician for 20 years I often hear women say “I hate my skin.”  For me there is no such thing as bad skin, yet there is skin that is not taken care of properly and it shows immediately.  It makes me think of Helena Rubenstein’s famous quote “There are no ugly women, only lazy ones.”

On an average day I take care of many faces and every skin type, color, age is unique and magnificent in it’s own way.  But as everything in life there are always things you can improve upon.  I’m endlessly interested in how I can fix or improve a wrinkle, a spot, discoloration, texture, hydration, pore size, etc.  There are many things I can do in my treatment room but the most important thing one can do is to love and take care of your own skin.

February is the best time to start the appropriate skincare regimen.   Make sure you cleanse twice a day, exfoliate, hydrate, moisturize, and protect for the whole month of February faithfully I can assure that you’ll see improvement by March.  If you are in doubt take a picture before and after.  Since February is the month of love… I’m promoting love for yourself and the skin you’re in!

Esthetician and Owner of Rescue Spa,

danuta mieloch






Danuta Mieloch



Philadelphia Magazine: Dantua Mieloch, What I Love

Danuta Mieloch

Rescue Rittenhouse Spa‘s skin savior fills us in on the things she can’t live without (and the secrets behind her enviable glow).  Rescue Spa, 1601 Walnut Street, 3rd Floor, Philadelphia 19102, 215-772-2766,

  • “I wear minimal makeup, preferable Chantecaille.  It’s a beautiful, skin-friendly, natural line, and a percentage of the proceeds go to the environmental causes.”  Tiger in the Wild eye and cheek palette, $78 at Rescue Spa
  • “I’m a globe-trotter, I love to travel, whether it’s for business — such as going to anti-aging seminars — or for pleasure.  I take my Tumi carry-on anywhere I go.  It’s functional, it fits in the overhead, and my whole life fits inside.”  Similar styles at Tumi, 1733 Walnut Street, 215-564-1317
  • “My nail polish Zoya ‘Adel.’  It contains no harmful chemicals, and the color is sheer, soft and always classic.  From time to time I’ll experiment with other colors on my toes.”  $8 at Rescue Spa
  • “I go to Barneys for my all-time favorites, James Perse t-shirts and Current/Elliott jeans.  Just accessorize with high heels and jewelry and you’re ready to go out.”  Similar styles at Barneys Co-op, 1811 Walnut Street, 215.563.5333,
  • “I’ve practiced Ashtanga yoga at Shanti Yoga Shala for five years.  My favorite pose is the headstand– it does something incredible for my mind, beauty and sanity.” Shanti Yoga Shala, 262 South 12th Street, 215.923.9642,
  • “I believe in beauty from the inside out, so I eat healthy.  When I’m on the go, I supplement my diet with Pangaea Earth Foods Juices.”  From $8 each, 610.888.9213,
  • “I’m a flower addict.  I always keep an arrangement of white flowers from George Baker at home and in the spa.  They make me feel happy.”  Bouquet featuring white hydrangeas and green tea roses, $95 at George Baker Flowers Inc., 1607 Latimer Street, 215.545.8448
  • “I really enjoy watching documentaries and reading biographies of great people — Helena Rubinstein, Coco Chanel, Steve Jobs.  I keep a stack of inspiring books on my coffee table.”  From $30 at Barnes & Noble, multiple locations.