By Victoria Shelton, Skincare Expert

A shift in the seasons is the perfect opportunity to refresh your skincare, wellness, style and other beauty rituals to ensure a fresh start. Give yourself a seasonal boost with our curated selection of current April favorites!

Best Anti-aging Skincare products

Welcome spring by revamping your skincare routine for a refreshed and radiant complexion! Rejuvenate the skin by adding in transformative treatments that are guaranteed to undo the damage caused by cold, winter weather. Known for their extremely effective skincare products, Biologique Recherche offers a highly specialized approach for all skin instants.


Adding in an intensive moisturizer and mask is a quick and simple way to completely boost your daily skin regimen. Moisturizers such as La Grande Creme are good for nearly everyone. This innovative, youth restoring cream targets all signs of aging by promoting genuine cellular growth to reverse fine lines and wrinkles, while restructuring and firming the skin.

Treating Dry Skin

More mature skin types, or those struggling with chronically dry skin, would benefit from Creme MSR-H to brighten and refresh the skin with an oxygenating complex that tones and restructures the epidermis (making it the ideal moisturizer for those experiencing skin imbalances due to aging and menopause!)

Using Masks

Incorporate a weekly mask to supercharge your other treatments. Masque Biofixine visibly plumps and corrects both static wrinkles and expression lines due to its peptide rich formula, and leaves the skin firm and smooth. All of these products can easily be added to any routine and will work well with other active ingredients.

Everyday bags in style for Spring 2023

Whether you are searching for a new work tote or a stylish every day bag, the thoughtful designs of the MZ Wallace Collection is the perfect place to look. Crafted with the highest quality and purpose in mind, this collection offers chic, sustainable designs to create essential accessories that work for modern life. 

Inside each bag, you’ll find their “signature six” organizational pocket system and a detachable pouch. The exterior features custom hardware, double-reinforced stitching and their signature hand-painted red edging.

Large Metro Tote Deluxe

The Large Metro Tote Deluxe is the perfect carry all for nearly everyone. Whether you are a busy mom or need a carry all for your commute to work, this bag will suit all needs! Its chic silhouette and tufted texture ensures it is timelessly stylish.

Metro Sling

For a daily, hands free option, the Metro Sling is the perfect choice for city dwellers or those constantly on the move. Made from lightweight, sustainable REC Nylon, it has an adjustable strap that you can style it multiple ways— around the waist or across the chest or back.

Travel Jim

Finally, for those who travel regularly, the Travel Jim is roomy enough to hold everything you need for the gym or travel, but still light enough to carry when you’re not using the luggage sleeve. This bag will be your go-to for overnights, weekends, and work-outs.

High Tech Wellness and Beauty Devices for Spring 2023

Beauty and wellness brand Therabody is on the cutting-edge of wellness technology. Whether you are looking to recover faster from your workouts or increase the efficacy of your skincare products, Therabody can help!

Theragun Mini

The Theragun Mini is a powerful, customizable massager that fits in the palm of your hand. With three interchangeable settings, you can soothe sore muscles from the comfort of your home. The perfect tool for after the gym, or for anyone dealing with persistent aches and pains.

Theraface Pro

For the skincare obsessed, the Theraface Pro offers an all in one solution for skin health. This device combines facial massage, microcurrent, LED and Infrared light therapy for skin that is noticeably smoother, more radiant and youthful.

Fragrances for Spring 2023

Warmer months call for lighter scents with a focus on florals and citrus. Parfums de Marly is the pinnacle of refined and contemporary fragrances.


Their most well-known scent is the iconic Delina which features a sensual bouquet structured with Turkish rose, cashmere wood and spiced nutmeg, and rests on a sparkling base of lychee and rhubarb to create a subtle, yet mysterious fragrance. 

If your tastes veer towards something more fruity, Cassili Royal is an irresistible and delicious scent that blends velvety fruit and indolic flowers to evoke something lively, fresh and timelessly elegant.

Finally, Valaya: an effervescent fragrance that radiates sophistication and softness. Shimmering notes of mandarin and white peach contrast with earthy vetiver and musk to evoke skin caressed by a veil of cotton. 


You can continue this olfactory refresh into your home as well! Incorporating your favorite scents into your home decor sets the ambience and creates a calm and soothing interior.

Cire Trudon has recently launched three new candles, the Maitre Tseng collection, that celebrates the illustrious world of tea and its five thousand years of history.

Sous Un Ciel Pétale combines two types of Himalayan jasmine, incense and bergamot to embody the flow of water from the sky and is perfect for those who enjoy floral scents.

If you prefer something more earthy, Terre a Terre is dressed in mossy, woody notes and is named to refer to the rich and fertile lands that feed and provide for all living beings, while L’Esprit de L’eau combines a mineral accord with cypress, pepper and juniper berry for a crisp and pure fragrance. 

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