Less is always more when it comes to overall wellness and skincare! Our Rescue Spa estheticians give their exclusive beauty insights that they have gathered over the many years being an esthetician. Start by focusing on anti-inflammatory foods, soothing skincare products and treatments catered to your specific needs.

What’s your beauty secret for when you have a flare up on your skin?

Diana Yerkes Rescue Spa New York City Lead Esthetician Educator

Less is more. Focusing on anti-inflammatory clean ingredients and taking a full body approach is the way to go. Full body approach means skipping processed foods, focusing on an anti-inflammatory diet and taking time to reduce stress via yoga and meditation while condensing my skin care routine to fundamentals. Danucera regimen is my saving grace. It honestly has been a game changer. Treatment-wise, LED and ionized oxygen is incredible for inflammation reduction.”

Diana Yerkes, NYC Lead Esthetician & Educator

How do you treat hyperpigmentation? 

Samantha Lowe Rescue Spa Philadelphia Esthetician

“To combat hyperpigmentation or photodamage we need to address it on 3 levels. The first level is going to be to prevent it before it starts with sunblock! I can not say enough about sunblock. Elta MD carries a wide range of SPFs and there is one for every skin type and every skin focus, whether you are oily, dry, combination or normal. The next level is to treat the skin with exfoliants and vitamin heavy products. I recommend using the Lotion P50 PIGM 400 in the AM and Lotion P50 1970 in the PM. The Mela-Fade Serum System from Environ is also going to be essential when treating hyperpigmentation. The third level is going to be a high-tech treatment, whether it be a BBL Forever Young or a Moxi treatment depending on the skin.”

Samantha Lowe, Philadelphia Esthetician

Do you have any tips and tricks on how to deal with or treat sensitive skin? 

Vida Colon Rescue Spa Philadelphia Esthetician

“When treating sensitive skin, I always try to figure out what’s causing the sensitivity and if they’ve always been sensitive or was it caused by something (autoimmune, disease, chemo, inflammatory skin conditions like eczema or using too much active ingredients such as retin-a).  

Either way the key is to keep the inflammation down.  My favorite treatments to provide my sensitive skin clients are customized facials using oxygen and professional soothing masks.  Usually I’ll have my clients book a Fix-It-All or IonixLight facial. For my Rosacea clients, I typically recommend doing a BBL photo facial or forever young treatment to treat redness and visible capillaries.

So since I fall into this category, here are my favorite things!

For my clients with sensitive eyelids I absolutely love the MBR ContinueLine Eyecare Cream. It keeps my eye eczema at bay and the texture is beautiful.  It’s super soothing, hydrating and best of all it’s anti-aging. The whole MBR Continueline is amazing for sensitive skin types.

Love the Biologique Recherche Cryosticks! If you’re going through a skin emergency such as a bad rosacea flare up or your skin just feels inflamed or irritated the Biologique Recherche Toleskin Mask is lipid replenishing and amazing for soothing the skin. Once applied, massage your cold Cryosticks over it for a super calming treatment.  There is also a Toleskin Cream for those days your skin needs extra love.  

The Danucera skincare line is awesome for sensitive skin. Cream Supreme allows us sensitive folks to enjoy a luxury anti aging skin cream which is fragrance free and non irritating.  

Keeping some of these products in a cool place like a fridge helps to add a refreshing boost to your skin. Treat your delicate skin kindly! When applying toner try gently pumping the toner into the skin rather than rubbing it on.  Rubbing toner especially if it has a chemical exfoliant will only cause surface irritation. Balance your skincare routine with soothing nurturing ingredients and limit yourself to at least one chemical exfoliant such as Danucera D22 tonic.  Every sensitive skin is different so it is important to visit your esthetician and get a customized routine that’s best for you.”

Vida Colon, Philadelphia Esthetician

If there is one takeaway from our esthetician’s insights, it’s that less is always more. Treat your skin and yourself kindly, whether that means incorporating in a new form of daily movement or treating your skin to high quality skincare.

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