Skin barrier health has been trending on Tik Tok and Instagram for months and for good reason! Having a healthy skin barrier is key to achieving glowy, hydrated and resilient skin. 

“Maintaining a healthy skin barrier is crucial for the skin’s main function – protection.”

Ela Lewis, Lead Esthetician

Why is the skin barrier important? 

Our first layer of skin, AKA the skin barrier, plays an important role as the skin’s first line of defense. Externally, our skin barrier protects our body from free radicals, infectious agents, pollution and more. Internally, it regulates water loss, and retains moisture.

How to know when your skin barrier is impaired

It is important to note that many factors can cause an impaired or damaged skin barrier. Some of the most common causes include:

Causes for a damaged skin barrier: 

  • Excess sun exposure
  • Dry or humid environments 
  • Extreme weather
  • Over exfoliating 
  • Lack of sleep
  • Stress
  • Allergens, irritants and pollutants 
  • Aging 

Symptoms of a damaged skin barrier:

  • Dryness
  • Itchy skin
  • Redness
  • Acne
  • Inflammation

How to protect and repair your skin barrier

A healthy skin barrier ultimately leads to healthy skin, but in order for it to function properly we need to protect it as best as we can. 

“To keep our skin looking great we need to respect and protect the outermost layers of the skin – the skin barrier. You can do this by avoiding harsh and striping products, nourishing it, and helping it heal when compromised.”

-Ela Lewis, Lead Esthetician

Simplifying your routine starts with an effective and adaptable cleanser, like Cerabalm. Cleansers can be a main contributor to a damaged skin barrier as they often strip the skin of its natural oils, leaving us feeling dry and tight. Cerabalm makes for a great cleansing option due to its honey-like texture and clean ingredients that hydrate, reduce redness and revitalizes the skin as soon as it’s applied. 

1. Switch to gentle skincare products 

Opt for a healing serum, such as the Colostrum Gel from Environ. Due to its high concentration of bovine colostrum, vitamins and antioxidants (green tea, vitamin C and vitamin E) your skin will be protected from external and internal stressors. That’s not all — this immune-boosting serum will improve the appearance of fine lines, sun damaged skin and those with sensitive skin. The ultimate healthy skin barrier best friend!

2. Focus on hydration

Dehydrated and dry skin is a common sign that you may have a damaged skin barrier. With that in mind, Prime Regenera II is an intense nutrition and repairing cream. Formulated to prevent dryness and all that comes with it (wrinkles, fine lines and premature aging) in addition to repairing and healing the skin. 

“It’s the ultimate SOS for your skin, and can even be used on chapped lipids and dry patches. It heals and protects skin and melts the wrinkles away.” –Danuta Mieloch

The Emulsion Originelle Regenerante from Biologoqiue Recherche is a rich yet soothing emulsion. Made with macadamia oil and plant-derived squalene, this emulsion regenerates the skin’s lipidic barrier while providing nourishment. 

3. Live a balanced lifestyle

Our day-to-day life manifests on our skin, so with that in mind living a balanced lifestyle will not just benefit us internally, but externally as well. A convenient way to boost your daily nutrition is with Cymbiotika’s Super Greens! Get our daily dose of greens (chlorophyll, alfalfa, spinach, oat grass, spirulina, kale and broccoli) with the squeeze of 1 pouch. You can either squeeze directly into your mouth or stir into water! Keep in mind this is not a replacement, just an addition to a balanced diet. 

Sleep is one of the most important things we can do for our well-being. You probably did not think you could multitask whilst sleeping did you? I’m here to tell you that you can! Apply a thin layer of Creme Masque Vernix before hopping into bed and allow it to restore your skin as you rest. 

Still unsure whether or not you have a damaged skin barrier or if these products are right for you? Schedule a complimentary skincare consultation with one of our beauty advisors here or join us in person for a facial letting our estheticians take care of it for you! 

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