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LOTION P50 1970

“The allure of Biologique Recherche, a mysterious skincare brand beloved by so many influential women (especially in New York) was almost lost on me, as there’s not a ton of explanation on the internet and it’s infamously difficult to procure. I would forget about it for months until another low-key, glowy-skinned individual touted it as her secret weapon. What even is this? I’ve thought to myself many, many times. But here’s the thing, one application will demonstrate exactly how incredible this toner is for your skin. It’s a blend of lactic acid, salicylic acid, and citric acid and keeps breakouts at bay, pores smooth, and your skin’s texture super even.” — Hallie Gould x Byrdie

How to get soft, glowing, summer skin AND the no-makeup makeup look.

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1. Prepare the skin with a thorough cleansing.  We suggest massaging lait vip o2 onto dry skin (over makeup) for about a minute. Splash. Remove with a warm wet wash cloth or a konjac sponge  (replace monthly). Repeat for a double cleanse.

2. Gently exfoliate with a scrub such as Cellcomset’s Dual Exfoliant.  Massage onto dampened skin with light circular movements for 2-3 minutes to activate enzymes.

3. Tone/Hydrate/Balance/Lightly Peel the skin with P50 1970. Spend extra time with a P50 1970 soaked cotton round, being sure to tap inward and upward with light mechanical motions.  This movement ensures proper delivery of the product deep into the epidermis.  *You may notice a bit of tingling and pinkness which is perfectly normal.

4. Mask. 10-20 min.

  • Oily/Acne Prone Skin Types: Choose Mask Vivant  for deep pore cleansing, dissolving blackheads, and keeping breakouts at bay… it’s also very anti-aging. It’s not your typical clay mask, rather it’s a probiotic mask and also gives the skin a great glow.
    • Here’s a helpful tip: Try adding a pinch of baking soda and drop of water to the mask vivant to alkalize it if you have very stubborn blackheads or breakouts. Apply only to the areas, such as your nose, that need it.  Also excellent to use daily! 
  • Combination Skin Types: Spot treat oily areas with Mask Vivant and dry or normal areas with Mask VIP O2 (even over the eye area). It’s hydrating and oxygenating. Anti-aging and antipollution!
  • Dry Skin: Opt for Creme Masque Vernix. It gives the skin a “second birth”.

5.  Replenish. Apply serum Renovateur 14 first and Serum Complexe Royal second.  Finish with Serum Fluide VIP O2.  Your skin will be positively radiant by this point but you’re not quite  done…

6. Swap your heavy moisturizer for something lightweight such as Gel ADN Silkgen.

*Very dry skin types: try layering Serum silk plus on top of the Gel ADN Silkgen

7. Protect.  SPF daily! By now we all know how important this step is. Sun exposure is the number one cause of aging and damage to the skin.

Switch your makeup for something lighter such as the By Terry Cellularose CC Cream.  For a lit from within rosy glow opt for a gel blush such as By Terry’s Cellularose Blush Glace. Add a swipe of By Terry Hyaluronic Rouge Lipstick across the lips for a spring forward look that is perfectly fresh and pretty!

Beat the heat & humidity!

With the temperatures heating up and the sun shining long into the evening, it’s safe to say that summer is upon us.  If you feel like you’ve been stuck in a rut take the opportunity to embrace summer as the perfect time to revisit your beauty & skincare routines.  The heat & humidity may bring seemingly endless beauty challenges but don’t fret, we’ll keep you looking cool and collected all summer long. First things first, we all know how important it is to wear broad spectrum sun protection.  Hopefully by now you don’t even think twice about wearing a daily sunscreen on your face and anywhere that your body is exposed to direct sunlight.  But did you know that SPF has an expiration?  If you planned on using the same sunscreens you used last season  I strongly recommend you throw them away and start fresh.  Often times these products sit in your beach bag and endure temperatures and light exposure that are not conducive to normal shelf life. It’s just not worth the risk.  After all using an SPF that is expired defeats the purpose since we can no longer depend on it to protect us from the sun’s harmful rays. While we’re on the topic I know there are those of you who feel as though you’ve sacrificed an enviable golden glow in the name of remaining sun savvy and skin cancer free.  Believe it or not there are a number of ways to achieve that sun kissed glow without the harmful effects of nasty UVA/B’s.  Institut Esthederm’s line of sun care (Adaptasun) is a special patented formula that protects the skin from harmful rays yet allows you to get a bit of color. It’s not your traditional sunblock. Adaptasun actually teaches your skin cells to rev up melanin production hence you obtain a bit of color and utilize your skin’s natural defenses. It’s been a favorite in France for many years and now we’re lucky enough to have it stateside! If you are like me you are already in the habit of dodging the sun so you are porcelain white year round. Yet you’d like a bit of color for summer and those orange spray tans just won’t do. At Rescue we offer a treatment that requires absolutely no work for you other than scheduling a “bronze & buff” appointment! Leave it to our estheticians to scrub & buff your entire body before evenly applying a light, natural looking self tanner that is never streaky. **A very popular treatment for summer brides! The most common question I receive this time of year is “What moisturizer should I be using?” It is a personal preference yet the best rule of thumb is to use something lighter than you used during the winter. I prefer moisturizers with a gel consistency like Biologique Recherche’s ADN Silkgen and Institut Esthederm’s Cellular Water Gel. These are both great for all skin types, hydrate beautifully, yet they do not leave the skin slick or greasy. If your skin is oily and the sweat and humidity are making it seem impossible to stay matte then you’ll want to try switching cleansers to something gentle yet effective such as Sebuwash and incorporating Shine Control Fluid. You may also find that in the summer less is more and all you really need is a multi-tasking serum such as Cellular Concentrate. Wearing this beneath an SPF during the day is a smart way to maintain healthy skin all summer long. If you aren’t diligent about applying a daily SPF and/or you find that they make you breakout try switching to UV incellium spray. It has the equivalent of an SPF 8+ and doesn’t add an extra layer of goop to your face! A great alternative for anyone who is blackhead/breakout prone. Wearing makeup can be pretty tricky in the summer but there are some little tricks that keep it simple.

  1. Switch foundations for tinted moisturizers. My favorite is a multitasking tinted moisturizer by Dr. Dennis Gross that is available for all skin tones and even incorporates an SPF. It honestly doesn’t get any easier than this!
  2. Better than waterproof mascara and eyeliner, switch yours to Blinc. They simply do not run and better yet they are very easy to remove.
  3. Bronzers can be intimidating at first but with the guidance of our makeup artist Maria Gulraiz you can highlight your best facial features, look naturally sun kissed, and define your cheekbones in minutes. (Schedule a consultation: 215.772.2766)
  4. Keep blotting tissues in your handbag. These will come in handy when you feel a bit oily or begin to sweat.
  5. Find a new summer palette to keep your look fresh. This season I’m loving Chantecaille’s Coral Reefs Palette.

Last but certainly not least is the most important beauty trick of all. Drink plenty of water. Hydrate often, stay cool, stay sun savvy, and have a happy summer! Esthetician and Owner of Rescue Rittenhouse Spa, Danuta Mieloch

danuta mieloch rescue spa

Summer beach bag essentials

As we head to the shore, let’s think about what’s in our beach bags.   My essentials are a big broad hat, sunglasses, and a variety of sunscreens for face and body.  I use Institut Esthederm’s Adaptasun (a product coveted by french women) which is like a coach for your skincare because it protects the skin on a cellular level while allowing skin to get a bit of a natural glow. If I plan on swimming I bring my bathing suit and an extra waterproof SPF 70 from Neutrogena. Don’t forget to protect your lips, eyes, hands, feet, and all the hard to reach places with SPF as well. I even use Sun Protection Oil from J.F. Lazartigue to protect my tresses and OkaB flip flops because they provide you with a little reflexology and you can actually walk in them.  Protective clothing is also a good idea if you’re planning to stay on the beach for a long period of time. I must admit I’m a morning or late evening beach person.  I really don’t like the idea of baking in the sun yet I love the benefits of the ocean and fresh air.  Lastly don’t forget a big bottle of water to keep you hydrated and a good magazine. Enjoy your summer, have fun, and be smart about sun exposure!

Esthetician and Owner of Rescue Rittenhouse Spa,

Danuta Mieloch

danuta mieloch