Spring Cleaning

It’s quite obvious that skincare is my passion. I’ve been an esthetician for over 20 years and I love giving facials. My clients get fantastic results through facials with the help of microdermabrasion, electric currents, peels, massage, and lotions & potions. Still there are times when I need to reach for high tech tools that go beyond what these other treatments can do. This season at Rescue we have created our Spring Cleaning Specials that combine the latest laser technologies in skincare to treat various concerns and deliver results.

Springtime is the perfect time to clean up any sunspots or broken capillaries and for these issues we have ‘tried and true’ IPL Foto Facial. In approximately 2-3 sessions you can improve skin texture and discoloration to create a more even complexion.

If you’re struggling with those few unwanted hairs on your face I would encourage you to try our most effective treatment, light based hair removal.

For skin laxity we have a skin tightening treatment called Refirme. 3 sessions will really tighten up your face and neck.

Our most anti-aging, collagen producing, wrinkle reducing, tightening treatment is eMatrix. I can say from personal experience that I’ve performed numerous eMatrix treatments with amazing results. If you’re thinking you need a dramatic pick-me-up that offers long term visible results then this is the service for you. I like to call it a mini facelift!

Hardcore laser devotees love our Triniti Treatment which offers a trio of Refirme, IPL Foto Facial, and eMatrix all in one session. A triple dose of pain but a whole lot of gain… perfect for those who are time crunched and want results instantly, I’m already signed up!

Danuta Mieloch,  Owner of Rescue Spa

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Destressing Bridal Skin

Don’t you just love it when someone is excellent at what they do? I personally am not a big fan of sports but when the Olympics are on I can’t miss a minute. It doesn’t matter if it’s a star athlete, a house painter or a hair stylist; if they are a master they have my attention. Our very talented nail technician Anna Maria is such a master, at color selection for darker skin tones. During the summer when most folks tend to have a bit more color her “eye” comes in handy for all ethnicities. She has been delighting me lately with her selection of whimsical colors from yellow to blue to orange for my toes. But then she’ll select the perfect coordinated shade for the hands that has the palest hint of the same color but yet is office appropriate.  Mad skillz!

One of my brides just had her wedding last weekend and her skin was absolutely gorgeous. But the situation was a cliffhanger until the last few days before her wedding. For the past six months this young lady stressed over her skin so much that she would continuously breakout and then become even more upset about the breakouts. After a heartfelt talk one month ago where we discussed various methods of eliminating stress she finally buckled down and did what she had to do which was to (1) stop listening to her well meaning (but stressful) Greek chorus, (2) use her products religiously, (3) drink tons of water, (4)do anything to get those endorphins going and (5) focus on staying very calm. I explained to her that even though perfect skin is the goal she only needed to eliminate the zits. A little hyperpigmentation could be covered by her makeup artist.
When she walked in for her final facial last week she looked like a new person. Not a zit in sight and only a little residual discoloration remained. She is currently honeymooning for 10 days on some outrageously romantic island and will return with the perfect skin she desired, I’m sure.
A note to my brides-your wedding day is supposed to be fun. Enlist that bridesmaid who is difficult to be difficult on your behalf and help to keep (other) stressful people and situations away from you. She’ll love the extra responsibility and you will make her feel special.
Can Rescue’s products get any better? I am obsessed with Cellcosmet and use it on my brides-to-be who come in for their pre wedding facial. I’ve been using it on my regular clients as well for a nice alternative to Biologigue Recherche. Cellcosmet from Switzerland was the only product line placed in the swag bags for the Oscars two years ago and I understand why. Triple patented, its toner gently removes cells to unveil a subtle luminosity. The Gel Activator is cooling, perfect for summer and leaves the skin glowing like it was peeled but with absolutely no irritation. And it smells lovely. The “Beautiful Mask” is chocked full of botanicals from the Amazon jungle and results in Hollywood ready skin. It’s wonderful for home use to ensure that you’ll be ready for your close up every day.

Love Ya Much,
Linda Harding

Philadelphia Magazine Blog: “Recue’d, Again. Kicking it up a notch.”

“Some months ago, I wrote here about my first in a series of pre-wedding facials with the amazing Danuta Mieloch at Rescue Rittenhouse Spa.  I had been a little nervous about committing to a skincare regime, as I’ve long been the wash-and-moisturize-and-go type — but I wanted to make sure I looked every bit the glowing bride come October, so I was willing to step it up a bit if Danuta thought I should.

Happily, though, after that hour-long first facial (her facials pure magic, I swear it — lines seemingly just get buffed away), she told me just to tack on one little step to my nightly routine: a little of Biologique Recherche’s P50 exfoliating potion swabbed on my face. I have done exactly that, and when I showed up for my most recent facial, Danuta raved over my skin (which, admittedly, has been incredibly soft since the last appointment). This time, though, I was sent home with a daily-use sunscreen (SPF 25: Even though I’m extremely fair, Danuta says the real key to protection is re-application — more so than just using a high SPF) and instructions to apply eye cream around my eyes as often as possible, as that’s where my skin is its most delicate and dry.

Once again, my skin has showed an immediate improvement, and Project Glowy Bridal skin is making good and painless progress. I’ll report back in September, after the final facial, where Danuta promises some sort of Helen of Troy level glow. I believe her.”  

— Christy Speer

Lit-From-Within Facial

“Lit-From-Within-Facial” Featured in Town & Country Weddings: Spring/Summer 2011

PHILADELPHIA: Rescue Rittenhouse Spa, Danuta MielochBio-Lift Facial, $200.

The words “glowing” and “bride” go hand in hand.  But by the time the big day arrives, most women feel about as radiant as a dim bulb.  While heavy exfoliation and blackhead extractions aren’t going out of style anytime soon, microcurrent treatments that use electrical currents to target facial muscles have brides signing in droves.  Microcurent facials have the benefit of being completely noninvasive.  Plus, the treatments have immediate (if not incredibly long-lasting) benefits.  The microcurrent works by “exercising” and toning the facial muscles.  It’s basically a low-level electric stimulation that helps contract the muscles all over the face to give a lifted appearance.  There’s no downtime and it’s painless.  The treatment works best when done in a series, with the last one performed close to D-day.  If it’s a slightly older bride in her mid-thirties or forties, you could even do the last treatment the day before the wedding.  It hides the effects of stress on the face.  People do come out with a real twinkle in their eyes and that glow from the inside.

Bridal Facials: Part II

Planning for a wedding can be stressful. I know it’s a beautiful time and all but it can wreck your nerves too. If you’re not already a spa diva, the thought of having to formally attend to your skin by researching a spa and then calling and booking a consultation can be a bit daunting. But believe me, now is not the time to run to CVS to peruse the Oil of Olay or Neutrogena counter because we both know Carrie Underwood, Diane Lane and Michelle Chen do NOT use those products to maintain their skin (You do know that right?) Now is the time to place yourself in the skilled hands of a skin care expert. More often than not, word of mouth is a good way to find a great esthetician. You might also want to ask your co-worker whose skin always looks Hollywood ready who her esthetician is. But can we talk? Would Aishwarya Rai or Kerry Washington ask Audrey Tatou who her esthy is? Well actually they might, but if you are an ethnic beauty you might want to ensure that the esthy has expertise with your skin type. This is critical. Now is not the time to become part of a learning curve for someone inexperienced with your ethnic skin. Myself and the other Rescue Rittenhouse Spa estheticians have years of expertise in diverse skin types as well as problematic ethnic skin. Our brides receive special care because as a bride you are special. Your consultations are free. And we have a dazzling array of the finest global products that ensure bridal beautiliciousness. BTW this week I am obsessed with Carita’s Cotton Mask. Soft aroma, soft texture, soft removal, a lovely product. And Carita’s Velvet Glove hand crème is off the charts luxurious.

Ask yourself these questions when you are searching for your bridal esthetician:

  1. Is she willing to initially consult with me at no cost?
  2. Does she have the product selection to address my specific needs that fit my budget?
  3. Is she trying to sell me a package before I’ve said anything?
  4. Is she listening to me?
  5. What is her experience level with brides?

I suggest you Google your potential esthetician (Yes I’m going there). Research your esthetician like you researched your vendors. A few years ago I heard Oprah say that before she became a gazillionaire she would clean her condo before the housekeeper came to avoid embarrassment. I get a kick when girls come in with freshly scrubbed skin for a consult or facial. Don’t try to drink a gallon of water on the way to the spa. Bring me the real deal- oil, makeup, flaking… everything. That way I can truly assess what’s going on. Depending upon your skin type over cleansing may cause irritation. Come as you are. After all, you’re in good hands at Rescue Rittenhouse Spa.

Love ya,
Linda Harding

Bridal Facials

I love brides. I’m that crazy woman you see at weddings who always sits on the end seat of the church pew craning her neck to see every detail of the wedding gown, Kleenex in hand ready to bawl her eyes out. I believe that all brides should be as perfect as possible for that special day because the pictures are for posterity. And it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing Monique or Vera or your Mom’s gown because if your skin is not glowing and beautiful you probably won’t feel as pretty as you should.

With regard to bridal skin the game has changed a bit. The Bridal Book of Beauty
Rules (BBBR) has in many ways become obsolete. Similar to the IT industry, skin
care advances are moving at the speed of light. This is great news for brides because it
makes the road to beautyliciousness easier to navigate with the assistance of the right

The BBBR states that you should never have a facial within 2 weeks of your wedding
date because your face might explode in a mass of zits making you totally unrecognizable
to family and groom. That rule is so not true. But I do understand where it came from.

For 8 years I served as a bridal makeup artist for two prestigious spas on the Main Line.
Often the bride-to-be would book a spa package which included a facial followed by the
makeup trial or actual wedding day makeup application. It would drive me crazy having
to apply foundation over beaten up, irritated skin which resulted after an aggressive
facial. I would wonder who in their right mind actually performs deep extractions or uses
extreme products on a bride the day of her wedding or the week before.

My philosophy is when the wedding date is this close the focus of the esthetician should
be only to enhance the bride’s skin making it pretty and radiant in preparation for that
walk down the aisle.

My brides will come in the week of their wedding to get their facials because of this philosophy. At Rescue Rittenhouse we have the most up-to-date, state of the art equipment as well as world class products to insure ultimate bridal beautyliciousness. I am totally in love with Cellcosmet Gel Activateur which gently dissolves dead layers leaving your skin crazy beautiful and glowing. This product also works well on skin with rosacea since it doesn’t irritate. Cellcosmet is the skin care line placed in the swag bags of Oscar nominees. Need I say more?

And if you are having an evening wedding the Golden Fluide serum by Carita is the must have product splurge for all skin tones. It gives the skin a golden lit from within finish that is unreal. It would also be fabulous for those candle-lit honeymoon evenings.

I have to say, if you have even a tentative wedding date you should be scheduling for a
bridal skin consultation. Six months (or more) ahead is ideal because if you have issues
or problems with your skin you’ll want to allow sufficient time to get it photo ready
and if your skin is perfect I can recommend products to make you a goddess. But my
last minute brides have been known to pop up for a facial the morning of their wedding.

That’s Ok too. After all, they’re at Rescue Rittenhouse Spa.

Love ya,

Linda Harding